"My, saxophones come and go so quickly around here!" (Movie, Wizard of Oz).

Please visit Lee's Sax Worx in San Francisco:
Musical instrument sales inventory is constantly being updated!
Lee wishes his valued customers to know that a musical instrument is too precious and too personal -- for packing and shipping.
Come to Lee's Sax Worx and TRY before you BUY -- LEE will be happy to see YOU !


Selmer alto saxophone gold plated “ Cigar Cutter” 1931 $3500


Selmer alto saxophone ref. 54 "almost new" $4800


Cannonball tenor saxophone “Big Bell Global Series” $1800



Selmer tenor sax “MkVI” #137xxx $9500



Selmer tenor sax “MkVI” #196xxx $5800



Cannonball tenor saxophone “Big Bell Global Series” $1600

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